Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is an integral part of Silvergate Engineering Pvt Ltd.. We ensure that we are able to deliver high quality products to our customers according to their need. All our valued customers have awarded us consistently ensuring the high quality of our products. Our quality assurance team is trained and well experienced. We have lab area with modern equipments. We have established separate department for final inspection. We assure that all parts supplied by us are compatible and interchangeable with the corresponding original part and all critical dimensions and tolerances are in accordance.

We are committed to the adherence of all processes through process improvement plans. Our process improvement plans allow allocation of human resources and other facilities to improve the quality of our products. This results in implementing good practices and maintaining the highest standards of quality at every stage. Our plant has maintained ISO Certification of quality management systems maintained by the International Organization of standardization and administered by certification and accreditation bodies.

Working Steps We Follow

Manufacturing Process
Visual Inspection
Quality Packaging
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What We Do

Quality Approach

Quality Policy

Our primary goal is to provide highest quality products with good customer centric services. We will achieve this globally by continuous monitoring and improving our performance which are based on client needs and tough objectives.

Quality Control

We have an efficient quality control system in place. Quality control begins by checking raw materials for compliance with specifications. All products are inspected at all stages of manufacturing for defect free surface quality.

Inspection & Testing

Our Inspection Department has a comprehensive stock of gauges, micrometers, together with material testing facilities. The finished products are tested on different quality parameters such as dimensional accuracy, durability and strength.